Hello Michael,

I just got my DL Bag today :-).

It's a beautiful peace and very nicely done. The leather smells so good and it feels smooth and soft. I already fell in love with it ;-). You did a beautiful job, I'm very satisfied.

Have a good time.

Kind regards,

The messenger bag arrived today! It is absolutely gorgeous!! The color and texture of the leather are superb! Moreover, the design of the bag and quality of the workmanship are so perfectly wonderful. The stitching, trim, pockets, and interior are all everything I wanted, and with MR signature elements as well. How delightful!

As I mentioned, I had been searching bags both here in Fredericton and on the web for well over a month. Once I came upon a reference to your website made by a customer of yours from another part of Canada, I "googled" Rowland Leather, and liked what I saw. After speaking with you, and your gracious reply with photos of possible bags, I knew that I had "struck gold".

This is so unique and most assuredly a lifetime bag, one that I will be able to pass on to one of my daughters with pleasure.

Thanks for being there, for offering such incredibly well-crafted and Canadian-made leather products at a most suitable price for a luxury item.

As well, thanks so very much for your wonderful and certainly helpful service. I will definitely and with pleasure, recommend Rowland Leather to any and all who comment on my new messenger bag as I take it with me to various and sundry places.

Good wishes,

Fredericton, NB

My daughter bought me one of your beautiful leather bags for Christmas - this one was black. I had purchased one in a beautiful, rich, chestnut brown when we were in Merrickville a year ago and so knew the wonderful quality of your work.

Interestingly enough, although I have been using it since Christmas, I just discovered your Rowland Leather enclosure this morning as I was tidying up my bag in readiness for my trip to Vancouver this afternoon.

I want to tell you how impressed I was by, not only the simplicity of your note but also, by the sincerity. Great marketing to get a note with a picture and a signature of the designer/craftsperson! I owned an art gallery at one point in my career and always encouraged artists to put their picture on their cards - it so powerful - it makes such a connection to the buyer.

Just wanted to thank you again for making such wonderful creations! Before too long I will have Rowland bags in every colour!

Huntsville, Ontario

The bags I ordered arrived today. Thanks for helping me with them! I’m already using the Silken bag and love it. I’m sure my daughter will love her bags too, and I’m so glad you got my email in time to add in the small bags.

Columbus, Ohio

Today I received my new brown Michael Backpack. Just as with the three other Rowland bags I own, I am thrilled with this one! Same beautiful quality leather and craftsmanship!

Again, thank you very much!

Gatineau, Québec

I just wanted to thank you for the great repair & speedy turnaround on my briefcase! I came back from my trip and “presto!” – there it was! Also thanks for your generous gift of the leather lotions which I need (although I do love the well-worn look of the case!). In any event, thanks very much again, and I look forward to enjoying some more of your products in the future.


Hello Michael
I finally received my custom tan leather briefcase yesterday and it is beautiful. Outstanding quality and craftsmanship.
Thank you for your accommidation and assistance with my special request.

Dear Michael,
In case Matt has not already informed you, we received the briefcase yesterday. It is really beautiful – a work of art and craftsmanship. Thank you so much. I’m sure Matt will treasure this brief for many years.
I would also like to own one of your briefs, one day. As my budget permits, I hope to order one in the future.
Thanks again, and it has been a pleasure coordinating this with you.

California USA

Hi, Michael,
My new knapsack purse arrived the other day and I love it! A beautiful design, just the right size, and exactly what I had in mind. I'm so glad to have discovered you. Another triumph for internet shopping-- I googled 'leather knapsack Canada' and there you were!

D. H.

Thank you, Michael Rowland.

I picked up my mail today, including the pouch. It is perfect! Casual
but elegant, and the two shades of blue go beautifully with all the
different denims in my wardrobe. The small binoculars that I use as
opera glasses nowadays fit easily in it too. I shall enjoy using it,
starting with the first concert of the season on September 9.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Greetings from Washington State. About five years ago I purchased a zippered briefcase in your Merrickville store. It has held up extremely well and I absolutely love it. Great craftsmanship! I was wondering if you made leather belt holders for the iPhone? I bought one here at the Apple Store and it didn't even last six months before the stitching started unraveling. How pathetic is that. I decided to contact the best so I know it will last. If you don't make cases for the iPhone or Blackberry you may want to consider it. There's a big market for quality accessories. Thanks for your time and excellent workmanship."
Washington State

"My name is Janet and this is a fan letter. For several years now I have been the proud owner of a Rowland backpack. It is my best friend in the bag world and has been admired countless times. I had the good fortune to spot and purchase the black backpack with red straps at the market in Ottawa when I was there visiting a friend. I am now in the market for another Rowland bag, and have enjoyed browsing through the selections on your website before making my choice."
Toronto, Ontario, Canada